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  • The Royal BallThe Royal Ball

    Stilton, Thea.

  • Chosen peopleChosen people

    Whitlow, Robert, 1954-, author.

    "Bestselling author Robert Whitlow dives deep into the legal ramifications of a tragic event half a world away and how it affects two lawyers in Atlanta from vastly different backgrounds. When Hana Abboud walked into the conference room, she was unprepared for the images of a horrific terrorist attack near the Western Wall in Jerusalem. But after watching a courageous mother sacrifice her life to save her four-year-old daughter, Hana knew she needed to help attorney Jakob Brodsky represent the family's pursuit of justice against those who perpetrate acts of violent jihad. As an Arab Israeli lawyer trained at Hebrew University, Hana is uniquely qualified to step into the gap. But they need a third partner, an investigator on the ground to help them unravel the snake pit of connections between the terrorists and an organization or company that can be sued in the American courts. Hana returns home to Israel and meets with investigator Hamid Hasan who quickly becomes more than a crucial part of the litigation team. As Jakob and Hana investigate the case in the US, he is stalked on the streets of Atlanta by affiliates of a terrorist organization. Their pursuit of truth can only be resolved where it began: the streets of Jerusalem. But who can they trust? How deep does deceit go? Can two lawyers and a shadowy investigator impact the kind of violence and terror that has become common in our broken world?"--

  • Cilla Lee-JenkinsCilla Lee-Jenkins : future author extraordinaire

    Tan, Susan, author.

    "A half-Chinese, half-Caucasian girl's 'memoir' about a new sibling, being biracial, and her path to literary greatness"--

  • Mighty JackMighty Jack

    Hatke, Ben, author, artist.

    Jack might be the only kid in the world who's dreading summer. But he's got a good reason: summer is when his single mom takes a second job and leaves him at home to watch his autistic kid sister, Maddy. It's a lot of responsibility, and it's boring, too, because Maddy doesn't talk. Ever. But then, one day at the flea market, Maddy does talk -- to tell Jack to trade their mom's car for a box of mysterious seeds. It's the best mistake Jack has ever made. What starts as a normal little garden out back behind the house quickly grows up into a wild, magical jungle with tiny onion babies running amok, huge, pink pumpkins that bite, and, on one moonlit night that changes everything... a dragon.

  • The Dark Secret/Wings of FireThe Dark Secret/Wings of Fire

    Sutherland, Tui T.

  • A Crazy Day with CobrasA Crazy Day with Cobras

    Osborne, Mary Pope.

    The magic tree house whisks Jack and Annie to India during the Mogul Empire in the 1600s to search for an emerald needed to break a magic spell.

  • Revenge of the Red KnightRevenge of the Red Knight

    Hering, Marianne.

  • Abe Lincoln at Last!Abe Lincoln at Last!

    Osborne, Mary Pope.

    The magic tree house whisks Jack and Annie to Washington D.C. in the 1860s where they meet Abraham Lincoln and collect a feather that will help break a magic spell.

  • I Survived The Sinking of the Titanic, 1912I Survived The Sinking of the Titanic, 1912

    Tarshis, Lauren.

  • Leprechaun in Late WinterLeprechaun in Late Winter

    Osborne, Mary Pope.

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