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Searching for Answers? Here is a book for you...

Posted by Admin on July 31, 2017

Are you embarrassed to admit that you still have questions about God?
You may not even know what your questions are! That is okay... You are looking in the right place, and that is the first step to finding answers...

These books are straight-shooting and to the point, answering many of our "gray-area" questions in layman's terms that we can all learn from.

Childrens Classic Picture Books

Posted by Admin on October 13, 2016

Our children's library is a winner! Children, ages 3 to 7, are sure to enjoy these wonderful time-honored books available here at the JFBC Library.

Parenting Preschoolers

Posted by Admin on October 12, 2016

Parents of preschoolers: "I am adult, she is only two, so why is she in control?". This list of respected parenting books will help you navigate those fun and frustrating toddler years.

Parenting books we like

Posted by Admin on October 12, 2016

Our favorite books on parenting that contain the best advice for raising up your family according to God's design.

Parenting Teens

Posted by Admin on October 12, 2016

These books are essential to figuring out the bumpy road of parenting teenagers.

Timeless Christian Literature

Posted by Admin on May 12, 2015

These titles are well known, withstanding the test of time, solid doctrinal classics that will take you deeper in your relationship with God...We call them the "Hall of Faith" books.

Reading for Modern Christianity

Posted by Admin on March 3, 2015

What is truth? Does God know me? God, where are You?
Is Christianity even relevant in my world?
How, exactly do I get to know this God?

This lists of books can answer these and many more pertinent, personal questions that you have as you navigate your relationship with God in our modern world.

Advanced Reading for Elementary Aged Children

Posted by Admin on December 19, 2014

Is your child a voracious reader? Are you running out of SAFE, clean chapter books for him to read? Try the titles on this list, all found in the JFBC Library.